Leave it to me to transform your message, your story or your ideas to capture readers and hold their attention from word go.

There’s always a better way to word it and sometimes all that is needed is clarity. So let me unravel your thoughts and put them into the words you’ve been looking for.

I am a professional writer and copy editor with seven years of experience in the craft of writing. I have cultivated a compelling writing style, having published over 150 articles for a variety of magazines. The articles I have written cover a wide range of topics including travel, personalities, leisure and lifestyle, architecture and business. I can produce content tailor-made to any requirement; be it descriptive writing or concise writing that delivers a punch.

Over the years my work experience has extended beyond article writing to web content development, copywriting for print advertisements, copy editing, writing press releases and proofreading articles and books.

Whether it’s a touch of tinkering that can make all the difference or polishing a body of text so that it is as compelling as it should be or starting from scratch – let the words do the talking.

What I can do for you

Article writing: brief or in-depth articles based on first hand experiences, one-on-one interviews and research.

Rewriting: restructuring and rephrasing and other major edits to existing content for readability and effective results.

Content writing: doing the necessary groundwork such as conducting interviews, attending client meetings and briefings to gather the required information to develop content. e.g. websites, advertorials, leaflets and brochures.

Copywriting: producing creative and unique wordings that leave a lasting impression, tailor-made for client requirements. e.g  advertisements, taglines, social media posts, logos and branding

Press releases: writing to-the-point and effective press releases that get the message across, based on interviews and available information.

Books: from concept to final draft, engaging in client meetings, interviews and necessary research to write flowing and compelling text. e.g coffee table books.

Proofreading: checking for typos, spelling and grammatical errors to ensure clean and presentable copy.



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  1. Hi Prasadini. I got your profile from Truelancer. Interested in hiring you for some content writing work. Are you free to take up work?


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