Explore Sri Lanka, June 2012

Hidden In The Wild

Rustles, squeals and perturbed trumpeting, but all we could glimpse were a few disoriented movements in the thicket… Not often frequented by visitors, we find the wilderness here is secretive and mysterious and its inhabitants all the more intriguing for it.

The elephants are wilder, the sloth bears are elusive as ever, and there’s only a rumour of leopards; with slim prospects we enter the Lunugamvehera National Park. 
An expanse of 23,498 hectares that sustains surrounding reservoirs that include the Lunugamvehera and Weheragala Reservoirs, the park falls within Monaragala and Hambantota Districts. Entering the park from the west we were to take an approximately 30km journey across the park to reach the Weheragala Reservoir at its North East end. Read more

Explore Sri Lanka, Sepember 2012

Going Wild

A deep and rumbling roar tore into the night air. A touch of exhilaration shivered through me as I lay in the safety and comfort of my tent.  Two of my colleagues occupied a tent adjacent. Having sighted the majestic animals earlier that day, hearing them in the dead of the night, was something else. No doubt, we were well and truly amidst the wilderness, forming a silent bond with its magnetic spirit. Somewhere, in the dark of the night the elusive ones were prowling… Read more

Serendib, June 2012

Whale Island

“It’s like the Serengeti in Africa, but you have whales instead!” exclaims British film-maker and photographer Andrew Sutton of his latest whale sighting experience off the coast of Mirissa in Sri Lanka. From his first encounter in 2010 emerged the inspiration for a filming project – there were scores of Whales in the Island’s waters and the story was just beginning to unfold. Read more

Serendib, May 2013

The Call of Yala

We set off to Yala National Park at 2:30 in the afternoon with the sun bearing down on us. For many, Yala is a sure-fire way to sight many varieties of animals. While visitors to Yala covet the celebrities of any national park, the leopards, we were eager to indulge in the rich fauna that Yala has to offer. Read more

Explore Sri Lanka, February 2013

Cruising the Wintering Grounds of Kalametiya

We were back along the southern extremities of the Island, this time to unearth a little known bird sanctuary of the parts – Kalametiya. Against the clear blue sky of a sunny day we discovered mangrove-rich landscapes resounding with the chirruping of feathered visitors.

While Bundala National Park is the renowned wintering grounds in the deep south, we were eager to discover the unknown. Beyond Tangalle town, in the Hambantota District lies Kalametiya. Our journey led us down an alternate route instead of the designated turn off to Kalametiya from the main road. This gravel road fell across open landscapes and we soon found ourselves traversing the peripheries of the Kalametiya reserve. Read more