Culture and religion

Serendib, January 2013

The Nawam Maha Perahera: A Cultural Jewel In The City

Since it first tread the path in 1979, the vibrant Nawam Maha Perahera has been hailed as a momentous occasion that grips the city with its cultural virtuoso. Held every year in the city of Colombo, the annual pageant of the Gangaramaya Temple continues to hold hostage the senses of thousands who gather to bask in its grandeur. Read more

Serendib, August 2010

Nallur Kandaswamy Temple: a realm of spiritual splendour

It is closing in on three pm in Nallur in the outskirts of Jaffna. The afternoon glare falters through the scattered clouds and devotees begin to trickle in, in quick succession through all too simple gates. The sparse surroundings within seemed to have been humbled by the impressive elegance of a temple in the premises. Situated at the juncture where Temple Road meets Point Pedro road its striking presence commands a reverence even from the bystanders regardless of faith. Read more

Serendib, May 2012

A Sublime Veneration

It is a festival like none other in the Island. The intensity of religious fervor, the palpable atmosphere of spirituality, a singular faith that transcends diversity can all be witnessed here – the domain of God Kataragama or Kataragama Deviyo. Read more

Explore Sri Lanka, August 2011

Sivura: The Story Of The Saffron Robe

The vivid saffron robe of the Buddhist monk is far more than mere attire. It symbolises a monastic life, a life of detachment. To the layman it is a symbol, which in essence represents the Buddhist order of the bygone and present times. The sober shades of browns and deep oranges thus inspire obeisance and a sense of humble veneration amongst people. A Buddhist monk is thus characterised by this symbolic adornment and within its many folds and hems lie preserved, a timeless and stringent practice, since the times of the Buddha. Read more