Business Today, June 2012

Taking on the world

Publicis Groupe is a name that may not strike a chord, however it has remained behind the scenes fuelling its resolute expansions globally over the decades. Today it has evolved into a French-based multinational advertising and communications company that has made its presence known the world over through its vast network of agencies which are now established brand names in their own right. Bertrand Siguier, Executive Vice President of  Publicis Worldwide shares his thoughts on a necessary journey that has taken Publicis to the world,  one which continues to look to a future of growth. Read more

Business Today, July 2012

I am Paradise Road

In 1987 Shanth Fernando opened his first retail store down Flower Road. It marked the beginning of redefining lifestyle in Sri Lanka. Through his versatility and love of art and timeless classics, his brand Paradise Road has made an indelible mark in the retail and hospitality industry of Sri Lanka. Today Shanth Fernando is an internationally recognised lifestyle connoisseur and is given credence for introducing inimitable flair and sophistication to Sri Lankan lifestyle. Reaching 25 years of nurturing his passion Shanth Fernando reflects on a journey that has been challenging and equally rewarding. It is the story of single minded vision and unrelenting perseverance. A story of success. Read more

Business Today, August 2012

Service is Number One

A veteran in the industry bringing experience from leading hotels across the globe, Denis Gruhier talks about his role as the General Manager of Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo. While sharing his views on the opportunity of tapping into the unique industry potential that Sri Lanka has yet to realise, he holds a steadfast view on the importance of delivering an unparalleled service, one that he believes can only be motivated by a passion to serve. Read more