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Leisure and lifestyle

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Design, February 2015

The painted beauties of The Perfect Coffee Cup

DEVIEHL, the creators of the Perfect Coffee Cup introduced their latest collection Arusha; hand-painted beauties that if possible, make you love drinking coffee that much more…

What is already a novel design – a product of research, innovation and artistry – the Arusha cups take the Perfect Coffee Cup and somehow makes it better or more interesting to say the least. Each cup is a hand painted masterpiece – the work of London jewellery designer Gail Klevan. Distinctive patterns using hand engravings, paints and gold and silver leaf add character to each receptacle. Read more

Design, March 2015

Avakian: the glamour of inspiration

Inspired design, unusual shapes and fervent attention to detail – Avakian enchants with its distinctive brand of glamour.

On the third generation of family ownership, Avakian, a jeweller with a global presence in the making, had its beginnings in Lebanon. Following in his parent’s footsteps, Bulgarian born Edmond Avakian, a civil engineer and gemologist, established the very first boutique store in Geneva in 1985. Avakian’s collections are recognised for diverse design inspirations that range from architecture of Lebanon to the natural beauty of the Riviera. Read more

Design, September 2014

Gi Bike: Smart. Light. Chic.

Designed for city lovers, the Gi Bike can be recognised as the next revolutionary step since the introduction of the bicycle 200 years ago. From ergonomic, streamlined design, to safety and features for modern day conveniences, this lightweight contraption is ideally suited for commuting along the urban landscape. Read more

Design, June 2014

Lantern: a Retreat to Tasteful Comfort

Lantern is all about subtlety, exuding an understated appeal to guests looking 
for tailor-made comfort and sublime relaxation.

The six-roomed boutique hotel is nestled on a quiet stretch of beach in Southern Sri Lanka. In a little known village Kamburugamuwa in Mirissa, the hotel strikes a chord amongst holidaymakers for its enviable location. Set right on the beach endowed with powdery sands, the quiet nook poses the perfect location for an idyllic getaway. Read more