Explore Sri Lanka, February 2014

Simply Irangani

A veteran actress and a household name for generations past, she certainly needs no introduction.

In the afternoon glare that envelops her slight frame, Irangani Serasinghe sits before me, her familiar face lighting up as she reflects on a particularly mischievous childhood. She demurely brushes aside any mention of accolades and high accomplishments. It is the simple pleasures of life that have given her the greatest joys. Read more

Explore Sri Lanka, February 2011

Chandani Senevirathne: A Journey In The Limelight

A familiar face with a ready smile that has found its way to the hearts of many Sri Lankans, Chandani Senevirathne has a string of popular films and teledrama titles to her name. The characters she has portrayed have themselves materialised into household names. Her special ability to embrace characters with abandon, has led to her great many successes. Read more